Chloe is starting her play group today. Wonder how it would be like,although i didn't attend a playgroup. I sort of remember my first day at kindergarden, haha think i cried on the way to class cause i need to take a school bus. I lived at West Coast at that time and my kindergarden was at the Blessed Scarement church's Damien Centre Kindergarten.

Ah although I was not there but wifey told me that she couldn't sit still, cause it's a new place so she keep wandering around touch here and there, but the teacher was nice, say nevermind cause it's a new place so let her explore lah.

The second day she was quite well behaved, the she rubbed her hands when the teacher squirted the sanitizer, put her bag where the teacher told her. All in all good, but about 1 hour later, one of the new student's cried think she scared she also cried, wifey said she cried quite badly so gotta take her back.
My mum commented so cham, send her to school during weekdays and send her to play gym on weekends. My view is she can't learn much  staying at home, cause all she do is play by herself. I want her to learn how to interact with other kids because so far she is the only child so she tends to have a view that she needs to share and hopefully find that learning can be fun.

Wonder how would she be today?