Chloe not happy at going to playgroup

Well its the second week liaoz... Chloe still cry when we approach the playgroup place. But now she is better liaoz after the initial crying, once she is inside the classroom she will stop crying.

After class when we picked her up, don't know if she is hungry or what, she see other kids got food from their care takers, she buay paiseh will run up to them and try to eat their stuff. One lady was quite kind gave her a packet of those small little white biscuits, then she happily munch on them.

Cute picture of Chloe in her uniform

Saw one of my St John seniors at the playgroup, his son is enrolled there also. Chloe also dont know why keep wanting to hold his hand and walk, but he didn't want to hold. haha Chloe also again buay paiseh keeping wanting to hold his hand.