When you have kids, you want to take nice pictures of them (If not they blame you for having nothing interesting to show at their wedding :) ) most parents probably bought DSLR's for this purpose. And when your baby starts being more active and moving around, the DSLR becomes a burden, its too big, heavy and clumsy to handle.

Traditional camera straps (I like OPTECH ) all hang around the neck and shoulders but you will soon realize that it becomes cumbersome and even dangerous both to the camera and to your child.

My super lousy picture of when you bend down and hit your kid using your camera.

If you hang your camera around ur neck, when you bend dow you risk hitting your lids n to carry or you risk hitting the camera when you need to bend/squat down to carry.

If you hang from you shoulder you risk the camera slipping off.

Enter the camera sling strap. They seem like a feasible alternative to the traditional straps, and when you sling it sideways you also reduce the strain on the neck since your shoulder can take a heavier load. You also seemed more maneuverable.
Credits - Sun Sniper

I choose the Sun Sniper "The Pro" Steel & Bear? Why? Because it doesn't have a carabiner to attach to the nut so the it should keep the scratches to the minimal.The camera attachment it's just one whole solid piece and it rotates really well so I think it won't be easy to twist off during normal use.

I heard stories of the camera attachment unscrewing itself so i added some additional protection, I use the clips off my OPTECH straps and attach one side to the camera and one to the Sun Sniper so in the event if it really un-screws, the line will prevent it from dropping to the ground.

Optech Clip attached to the tripod attachment.
Optech clip attach to the camera
All put together (Pardon the lousy background)

I also added a carabiner to the OPTECH strap near the top, this is so that i can clip it to my belt when i need to bend down or do some weird movement so that the camera can't slide along the strap, but at the same time it's easy to unclip it. Maybe I will try to tape it up so that it can't scratch my camera body.

On my first outing with the strap with Chloe to my blocks playground, it's pretty good, i can follow her around playing with her, taking the occasional pictures. It's really a vast improvement over the neck strap, with the carabiner clipped to my belt, i can easily bend down and pick her up and the camera will not slide.

The optimum length for me is when I squat down the camera should not touch the ground and when you sling to your side, the camera is at my waist.

These are the 2 cons that I can think of after using the Sun Sniper
1. Your camera can't still flat on the table
It the camera lies at an angle supported by only the tripod attachment and the lens. But it looks stable enough not to roll around.

2. The attachment takes time to take out
If you want to attach to a tripod, you need to unscrew it which can be cumbersome. But I seldom shoot with a tripod anyway, when taking pictures of moving kids, a tripod is basically useless.