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Chloe @ 3 Years old

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Chloe just celebrated her 3rd birthday in Oct, instead of showing some birthday pictures, these are some of daily life pictures that I took while bringing her down to the playground every morning during the weekends.

Every morning during the weekends i try to bring her down to the playground to run around abit, becuase the moment she wakes up she walks outside to the living room sofa and lies down and want to watch tv. So I let her lie down while I wipe her face, let her warm up for half hour before brushing her teeth and bringing her down to play then buy breakfast.

Quite interesting to bring her down and interact with the rest of the kids at the playground. She always calls them "her friends" even though she is meeting them for the first time.

Leica M2 (Copyright Camerapedia)

Had lots of fun taking pictures with me Leica M2 with expired Fuji NPS 160. Sometimes taking pictures with a simple camera like the Leica M2 really distills photography down to the basics, namely focus, aperture and shutter speed.


Funny thing about Chloe is that after playing at the playground for a while she will run to the adult exercise section and play with the equipment there.

Taking a break

Chloe: The biker chick

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Chloe the Biker Chick!

Haha thought it was always quite funny that when ever Chloe wanted to ride her skate scooter or her tricycle she always wants to put on her helmet.

I've bought a Harinezumi, one of those small digital lomo cameras for Chloe, intending to let her just run around and snap and see what comes out from it. Last weekend was my cousin's marriage registration (Congrat's Shumin and Micheal!) and these are what's seen through her eyes.

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It's quite fun looking though those random snaps, most of the time she is just playing around with the camera pushing the shutter again and again while walking though the crowd at my cousin's place. Haha maybe i day i will make a photobook of her pictures and give it to her.

My colleague said I've gave her camera poison liao, for her 10th birthday she will ask for a D8 SLR :)