Got this from Invisible Photographer Asia: The Nikon F Story, interesting how the Nikon F was designed and the history of it.

Reminds me of the various Nikons that I had.


The first Nikon camera that I bought. Nice little camera, light body, easy to carry around. Lacking many features in more capable cameras but hey it served me well for a long time. It's the only camera in this list that i sold off.

credits, Wikipedia
FM2 was the second camera I got after seeing the one my friend had. Nice little heavy thing, shutter makes a loud "thud" sound. I still have this camera around. I mostly shot black and white film on this.


credits, Nikon Imaging
The third Nikon that i got, bought it second hand too. Basically bought it because the guy was letting it go quite cheap, think was about 180 with kit lens. Shot black and white on this camera, because i was taking a Black and White course at Safra.


credits, Nikon Imaging
First step into DSLRs, nice camera with a great grip. But compared with my film camera it was abit heavy. Didn't really took out much because of the weight, by the time i got my D7000, it has only seen about close to 8k in shutter count (Which is quite little). 

Mainly because i was still bringing almost even single piece of equipment (tripods, 2-3 lens, cleaning kits, filters...) when i go out. When I choose to just using one lens (and using a SunSniper strap), i realise I begin to enjoy photography more, since i was not worrying about what lenses to use, i was just concentrating on capturing the moment.

credits, Nikon Imaging
Got this recently after having my D70 for 6 years, the first impression was.. whao so many buttons, they have buttons for everything! From selecting AF points to bracketing to shooting options. Much much more than what my D70 has.

Quite impressed with the 3D tracking autofocus, useful for taking pictures of my daughter when she is running around. Still meddling around with the functions, love the dual SD card thing, although it means all my CF cards from my D70 is now rendered useless. Gotta try out that Full HD movie shooting too.

That's all the Nikons that I have .... for now