My wife's water bag burst when I was at the Botanical Gardens on Monday attending my division's welfare event (basically haha a break from our very boring work of programming). The games were about to start when my mother in law called and said that my wife's water bag burst liao.

My mum in law called me again and asked if should call ambulance anot, my wife (she is a nurse by the way) say no need but my mum in law concern lah, say ambulance faster. So end up with me being the middle man calling 995 for advice. Haha the person at the other end say first one better arrange for one lah, i know my wife will sure give me some thing about why call the ambulance.

My wife arrived at KK about 10 i think, she looked abit annoyed at me, she say "Why call ambulance, So paiseh come in ambulance". I started mumbling not my fault lah, your mother ask one.

She was pushed to the delivery suite for observation and then confirmed that she was going to give birth soon. Her contractions were coming fast and hard after about lunch time, i mean really hard and fast, she was ok one moment and almost screaming the next. All I can say was Epidural is a gift from heaven for the women in labour, Nitrous Oxide or Laughing gas is better used in cars than on humans, yeap for all those who "ZHNG my car" type of people, it is the same Nitrous Oxide that they use in 2 Fast 2 Furious kind of shows.

For the husbands who are lucky enought to see, the whole process of inserting the Epidural catether, it can be quite nerve wrecking. The bloody needle is so long! and the process looks complicated and you have to keep your wife still for the thing. Although my wife tells me she didn't feel a thing but for me, I was breaking out in cold sweat all the way when the anesthetist was poking needles in and out. Didn't help that I am not too big a fan of needles myself.

After the epidural my wife felt very comfortable, she didn't even feel the contractions. We were happily watching tv, resting and talking. They pause the epidural when my wife was fully dilated so that she can pushed when she felt the contractions.

Little Chloe finally made her appearance at 1736h, weighing 3.17kg, height 51cm.