After 2 nights at KK finally we were going home. It was going to be our first night at home with the baby.

When we reached home she was feeding quite regularly about every 3 hours, almost on the clock. We gave her the last feed about 1130pm before we go to sleep. Haha but it was not very good sleep. I guess because when she was sleeping Chloe sometimes makes these small noises and we were afraid that she is still hungry and wants to feed. Wasn't easy sleeping the first night.

We did our first bathing of Chole the next morning, haha she was crying the whole time round, guess she doesn't like to be disturbed from her sleep, i guess it didn't help that the bathing was so close to her feeding time, so she was probably feeling hungry at the same time.

Our first outing as a family was to the polyclinic on thursday (8th Oct) to check on her jaundice levels. Unfortunately her level was abit of concern to the doc there and she ask us to admit her to KK.

Our poor little daughter is still at KK now. Although her jaundice levels have dropped but still can't discharge yet. My wife misses her terribly so do i.