It has been one year since I was married liao. So how did my first anniversary start. Well it more or less started with a dead car battery. We were at udder's eating ice cream on late sat night, and parked the car. When we decided to go, the car refused to start when it was just fine a moment ago. And there started the long journey of trying to get the car to start.

My wife called my father in law for help and we tried to jump start the car using jumper cables. It just didn't work, he went and bought a battery and we tried again and it still didn't work and the jumper cables were oozing a thin streak of smoke out like the cables were over heating. I think we more or less decided that the cables were probably no good.

Her father called his friend who happened to be a member of AA, we called their services and the repair van came. The guy brought out some battery with these giant monster cables thing (look at pic below) and jump started the engine easily. We let the engine run, turn it off and then the engine refused to start. So confirm it's a dead battery liao.

So we changed in a battery and we are good to go. It all ended about 2am on my anniversary... what a way to "start" it.

So haha some "learning points"
Jump start cable - Get one, read off some where you need some with thick cables, good insulation and long enough. Learn how to do the thing safely or you might get a shock!
Flash light - Get a bright one.
Towing service - Make sure you have a plan when such things happen, find out some towing service number or join some association like AA where they have 24 hrs service. Don't wait till you car is dead in the middle of no where then try to find.
Tools - Make sure your car tool kit is comprehensive enough for you to change the battery.
Know your battery - Know the size and dimension of your battery so if need be you can go get one and try to jump start from that.

A video on how to jump start a car.
How to jump start a car