Chloe was discharged on the 12th from KK after photo therapy, when we went to the polyclinic on thusdays, we saw the same doctor that refer us to KK A&E the last time, sure enough after the blood test (the level was 268, previous was 220), she refer her again, this time she say she refer because the level increase and Chloe looks lethargic.

So off we go to KK again, this time at KK we were quite heng to get a good doctor (a Dr Goh Han Meng). Haha why i say good. Because throughout the consultation, we keep seeing other doctors waiting to ask his opinion on something. Anyway he was quite through and keep asking lots of question like pee and poo times, what have we been feeding her, he keep typing lots of stuff into the computer.

When we told him we feed Chloe red date water and water (think its quite common, can see it being mentioned here) , he said don't do that. He said something like the baby's kidneys are still not that good and might not be able to process the stuff, the jaundice can get absorbed back into the body, and too much water can lead to a seizure. He said all the baby need is milk and nothing else.

Dr Goh did some tests and he said he don't find Chloe lethargic and the jaundice level was still manageable. So he recommended that we come back the next day to KK straight not go to the polyclinic for he was sure that the polyclinic will refer us back again. So don't waste time.

He then patiently explained to us that he typed a management plan into the system so that the next doctor will know what to do. And he gave us a letter to pass to the nurse when we come back tomorrow so they will know what to do.

If all doctors like him good liao, think he must be quite lao jiao, so we went to the doctors directory but didn't find his name (They only listed a minimum of associate consultant), so my wife (who knows more about hospital ranks that I do) think that he might be a registrar.

So the second day, we went back to KK haha thought must spend another 80 dollars again (for those we don't know KK A&E per visit is 80). But we were quite lucky for if you are going back for the same thing within 24 hours the consultation is free. So good for us, we don't need to pay. Lucky this time her level dropped to 231, so good no need to admit for photo therapy. So we are going back again to KK next week for a review, hopefully the jaundice would have lower down some more.