Well my little one just passed week 35 going to 36, that means from here on, any day that she comes out she should be fine.

On our last visit to the doc, he said something funny.
"You should start going for long walks, it makes the delivery easier, enjoy each others company".

Haha don't know if it's just me or what. Feels like he is saying enjoy each other while you can, haha. Think it is just me lah. I really can't remember if he said "while you can" after the last phrase.

With about a month to go, time to get nervous liao. Wonder when the baby would come? Would it be when I am at work. Then how? I just rush home ? Probably should start packing "THE BAG" liao, wonder if i should pack my SLR? Scared my old SLR can't take good pictures liao, haha need the latest and greatest, (no money for greatest, latest will do) in the bag. Perhaps need sleeping bag? Cause I am going to have a couch for the 2 days that my wife will be staying there and the couch doesn't look too comfy.

For names, we sort of narrow it down liao. Quite a few people all came up to me and suggested a name for my little one. And what is so qiao is they suggested the same name. Quite qiao right, what are the odds? Guess what the name is ? It's HAPPY! Haha yeah add with my surname and what did you get ? HAPPY LEE (Happily for those who still don't get it).