I have been cleaning up my room in anticipation of new furniture for my new room (It will be coming this saturday). I will be taking my mums room to stay in with my future wife till my new house is ready, my mum will take my room. To complicate things abit my mums bed will go to my room, my bed will go to my father's room and my father's bed will be given away.

So on Sunday i clear out the stuff beneath my bed, my bed is on of those where there are slots to put stuff and also shift the stuff out to my living room. End of day 1

On Monday, went to Ikea to change a broken light bulb and have dinner, End of day 2

On Tuesday, i started dismantling my bed after work, when i bought this bed from Ikea i took 4 hours to fix it up, now i took about an hour to dismantle it. Shifted the pieces all around the house. End of day 3.

On Wednesday after work again, took apart my dad's bed, lucky it was a simple bed. Shifted parts around the house again, started to fix up my bed, took about an hour plus. End of day 4

On Thusday, didn't feel too good, slept early been sneezing the whole day and having a headache. Had an early night.

Today will be resting again haha

Sat will be moving my mum's bed, cleaning up and shifting a few small items around.

Lessons learnt.
My Room during cleaning up
  1. Don't subscribed/buy too many magazines. They take up a lot of space esp if u have a subscription.
  2. Too many text books, I have a lot of text books from my uni days, abit reluctant to get rid of them since I always thought i would have a use for them, well its been about 6 years since i graduated and I didn't really refer to them once. Look for your answers with google instead, or try to get ebooks of the books which you think might be useful. Although I will agree, nothing beats the feeling of flipping a real book.
  3. Don't have too many hobbies. With too many hobbies you tend to have too many things lying around. Make a choice as to what do you really want to do. For me, I had too many hobbies, Photography, Scale modelling, a limited toy collection. Resulting in too man knick knacks here and there. Need to trim the inventory abit :) I also have a golf set lying around, have not been playing for a year. Probably not for the next few years too. Until they build a driving range near my house., without a car, it's simply too much of a pain to travel.
  4. Boxes from stuff that i bought, I tend to keep too many boxes of the stuff that i bought, the boxes are mainly of photography equipment, with the idea that if i ever sell it i can give the boxes too. Now i have too many of these boxes around. Need to sell of some of my inventory.
So the key to having an uncluttered room is not to buy too many books, magazines and not to have too many hobbies !