Well what's on my mind these days?

Wedding, Wedding and Wedding.

From morning events to church reception to the wedding dinner. Even at work also thinking about it. From Invites to Mass Booklets to Guest List to what clothes to where to cleaning up my room to really trying to see how to put the rest of the stuff that can't really fit into my new room (really need some dynamite here) to what clothes my brothers should wear to what clothes my parents should wear to what is the sequence to jing char to what time my brothers should come to what time i must reach the brides house to what time i should get to the church to who to invite given that i don't really have the biggest banquet hall in the world to actual day music to video montage to caterer to tidying up my house to trying to keep it clean and much much more.

Am i complaining? Not really. Am I stress, abit abit lah. Okies maybe not so abit, but still ok.

Am I looking forward to the wedding, Yeap looking forward to it and if possible hoping to enjoy it as best as I can! and of course hoping to enjoy married life also haha !