I just managed to get back the soft copy of my bridal shoot photos on Saturday, haven really seen them yet (other than the time we went to select photos). Nope not going to post them online, if not people who are reading this and attending the wedding will have nothing to see liao.

But that got me thinking, should i print my own small photobook for the photos or just print normal 4r using Snapfish since i do have some free credits there and put them into a nice photo album?

Well let me go through the various sites and think about it. With more and more such sites coming, and with people getting more proficient in using photo editing software, there are some great opportunities of creating lasting pieces of memories that simple album will not do.

Anyway haha shall I inflate my own ego and "publish" my own photo book of my "greatest" works for sale haha, anyone wants to buy? Drop me a comment if you are interested!

Below are some of the photo book sites that deliver to Singapore.


Photobook Singapore

Photobook Malaysia


My Photo Ideas