Today I have the honor of being the "brother" for my good friend Jingshun's wedding, as with all Chinese weddings it started off early in the morning with the "brother" troupe setting off and getting the bride. There was the "tekan" session, singing, pampers wearing, wasabi drinks, wasabi snacks, some poem composing by our groom. Afterwhich was quite normal with bride and groom going to the groom's house and then back to the bride's house. The only spoiler was the rain which causes abit of a worry because the event was held under a tent by the poolside. Lucky that the rain cleared up abit later so the weather was nice and cooling for a nice wedding lunch.

Unfortunately I do not have any pictures of the event with me since I was one of videographer and didn't really have time to take personal photos. The only pictures that I have are the ones below, where you can see me and the "brother" party.
The "brother" gang
Jingshun and Candy, Congrats on your wedding day. May you have a long and wonderful marriage ahead !