After watching a lot of Keroro and being affected by his Gunpla fever. I decided to get a ready painted Gunpla to play around for the weekend. This is what I got a RX-78 at 1/200 scale. As model is already painted so all you need to do is just to fix it together. It even comes with a base for you to display! Quite worth it at 17.95 SGD. Did it up in around 2 hours, did the minimum just cut from the sprue clean it up and join together. I didn't even use plastic cement.

What could be improved? I intend to do some black linking along the recesses to bring out the detail (probably do it with enamel paint). Paint the base? (Grey parts when you cut them out tend to leave a white mark behind, not very sightly). Paint the feet where the color is red, when you cut the feet out, there are some parts where the red color is rubbed off. (You guys can't really see it from the picture cause I artfully hidden the areas where the paint came off).