Been's abit lazy in updating my blog. So a one shot update of what has happened between then and now.

Wedding: Didn't do much on this front, haha will need to step up the tempo liao. Soon it will be me and my dear's big big day. Still need to choose cards, settle guest list...

Entertainment: Well I caught a few movies: Iron Man, Made of Honour, Indiana Jones. All were quite good, except for Made of Honour, the ending was ok but somehow the way he managed to get to the castle was quite suspicious. Indiana Jones the story towards the end was not quite "Indy" style.

Saw Macross Frontier, think it's one of the best anime I saw in a while. The Macross Quarter ship was simply amazing, much more agile then the old SDF-1 from the very first Macross. Story and drawings were all good. Songs and music was good too. Looking around for the sound track.

Tech side, Did some J2ME programming, tried using the S60 SDK from Nokia, Debug mode didn't work in Netbeans, Emulator startup was also quite slow so in the end use the original Sun Java Wireless Toolkit that comes with Netbeans. Seems like Erricson one not too bad and it has a JUnit library for Unit Testing.

So that's what has been happening so far.... nothing exciting haha