Time to talk about life abit. What a hot day yesterday.... almost sweating the whole time even though I had a fan blowing at me at my gf's house. Haha I kept complaining how hot the room is, how the back of my knees are sweating and so on..

We did manage to get some wedding stuff done (ok just one thing done), time is running short though, just about 4 plus months to the big day. Hopefully my July bonus is a good one, maybe can bring my dear and me to a short trip, abit worried about the reports that world wide the economy isn't doing too good and may go into a recession.

For those that are going to Vista and having a old printer or old devices where there are no Vista drivers, you can bring life to it by trying to install XP in VirtualBox, set the USB support to USB 1.1 instead of USB2 you should be able to use the device in VirtualBox. I tried it with my printer it works, next I am going to try with my old scanner and see if that works too. I probably put up some instructions since I managed to get it to work.

Till the next time ..