How many of you guys played with game books when you were young? I did to some extent, there were the Fighting Fantasy series, DND series (yes DND did came up with some game books). For those who don't really know what game books are, they are basically fiction stories but with the addition of letting the users make choices as to how the story would proceed.

In between the pages there are usually some sort of combat involving either rolling dice or using some sort of table in the book. They were not as involve as the traditional DND style role playing games since all you need most of the time was just one person and you are set to run off to some exotic fantasy place to fight monsters and rescue maidens.

One of the more well known (or better written) in my opinion were the Lone Wolf series that was written by Joe Dever. From wikipedia he has kindly released his books under Project AON for free and now more people can enjoy them.

For those who are interested in a more interesting gamebook concept look at White Warlord and Black Baron. A interesting kind of duel to the death in the dungeons using gamebooks and the books themselves are linked so you will need a friend to play with.

Projecy AON