I have been pondering over this question for some time, ever since my dear old computer's cpu fan died on me.

Currently it's working fine with a few exceptions. I set the motherboard to shutdown at 70C and the only time I have been able to get that to happen is when i try to start more than one app at a time(staring Firefox and Outlook together always shutdowns down the pc). So if i just take things slowly it should be ok for now.

So now the big question is ... do i get a Laptop or a desktop...

Below I come out with some Pros and Cons for Desktop vs Laptop

Pros :

  1. Uses less power (more green)
  2. Portable (although i already have another laptop with my gf)
  3. I will get two screens! (Together with my 22" that i already have)
  1. Harder to upgrade (most likely change only the ram and harddisk)
  1. Most powerful
  2. Easier to upgrade
  3. Take effective use of my 22" monitor
  1. Bulkier
  2. Not so Green
What do you guys think ?