On Tuesday, I went for my photo shoot. Boy was it an interesting experience. We arrived about 10am, the make-up artist started make-up for the missus first. Well it took some time (haha roughly about 2 hrs?). The make-up artist also put some foundation and also do up my hair a bit.

I thought my hair looks a bit high and a bit weird since i dont really style my hair at all, but my dear one looks fabulous that day.

So we started the photo shoot, I don't have the pictures as we haven go choose yet. But i won't post the pictures anyway, give those who are coming to the wedding a surprise.

So the studio shoot was mostly about sticking out your neck and looking down and smiling a lot. And basically trying to follow the photographer's instructions.

We ended the shoot about 4pm, while i went to buy nuggets for our dinner (Eat finger food won't mess up the make-up too much). Our outdoor shoot was probably more fun, we took photos between trees (where there are ants), sit down on floors, kick water, try to run along the beach, throw flowers and hold balloons. And all these time trying to stick out your neck haha (Let me explain why you stick out you neck lah, its to reduce the "double chin" effect that you might have).

Finally ended everything about 7-8pm. To be honest with you guys it was fun, its not normally that you get to wear nice clothes and take photos outside, and to be doing it with the one you love makes it all the more special.

So for those who are planning to go for such a shoot probably some things you might want to think about.

  1. Think of what type of a shoot you like (Indoor or more outdoorsy)
  2. Look up some pictures from the bridal saloon, or from other sources and think of what type of place you like to go. (Trees, lallang fields, beach)
  3. Casual shoot?
  4. Props (Balloons, toys)
And most importantly pray for good weather, a beautiful sunset. (mine was half half type of sunset lah) and enjoy yourself.