Read this morning yesterday's "My Paper" about some motorist suggesting that the Traffic Police allows motorist the flexibility to go through the crossing when there is no pedestrian. (i.e when the pedestrian crossing light is green and the traffic one is red). And in today's "My Paper" a reader commented that that is very dangerous and what is more important a person's life or a person's time.

Now my own observation of how things stand. There are 2 kinds of scenarios, One is where the road is straight, not at a junction and the other is where there is a junction.

I think his reasoning applies to a straight road kind of crossing where there is the possibility that no one could be crossing and his light is red and the pedestrian side is green. I think currently the traffic light allows more time for traffic then for pedestrian. So in a sense he is already given more priority (since he pays road tax and I don't).

Next is the one where there is a junction, where there is a possibility for cars turning right that their side of the light is green and the pedestrain side is also green. This i think its where drivers should be more cautious. During morning rush hour, on many occasions while pedestrians are still crossing, drivers at the slighest gap available will try to drive through. This applies both to cars and motorcycles, with motorcycles more likely to do so.

Place of Incident Marked by a Flower (From

I had a rather bad experience around the Singapore Flyer on Saturday. On the above map, the location marked by a flower is where a junction with a pedestrian crossing happened to be. So the light went green both the the pedestrian side as well as the traffic side. So me and my gf was trying to cross when the lights went green. And suddenly all the cars sprint to pass in front of me and my gf. There was this driver on the extreme left hand side who stopped but he looked at me as if I own him lots of money, then he looked right and saw the pedestrian light was also green. I think that crossing was rarely used and so drivers are used to just turn and go. With the Singapore Flyer there and some upcoming developments in that area, it seems like sooner or later if the drivers are not paying attention, an accident is just waiting to happen. Perhaps a look into allowing the pedestrian crossing light to light first then followed by the traffic lights will help?

This makes me wonder why all these drivers are so anxious, are they sending someone sick to the hospitals, then our health minister might want to look into more hospitals since every morning there are so many sick cases.

I think ultimately it's the drivers that need to realised that they are not the only users of the road; just like people who cycle must realise that perhaps sometimes they can give way to pedestrians walking on the pavements. scarce country.