You guys know what’s the problem with customs? The main problem is that it is open to interpretation, background and experiences of the person who interprets it. It is not written like the word of law and thus as time goes by with the march of time, customs change and but not everyone knows of the changes.

Best example I had this morning was with weddings, I think most of u guys who read this probably know I am getting married sometime next year and I fully empathized with people who have been through it, for those who have been through it I salute you, for you surely must have great perseverance and strength plus a great deal of negotiating skills. For how do u do what u want and what ur parents think it’s the right thing plus inputs from the future in laws?

To make it short, my mum has certain ideas of what is the correct way and my future in laws has a certain idea. And now I am having problems trying to reconcile it. And to make things even more interesting they are from the same dialect group (and they already have different ideas, can't imagine if both sides are from different dialect groups). Chinese weddings are terrible stuff, haha that’s why u shouldn't get married more than once, the planning will kill you, and if u survived they should give all a Medal of Perseverance and Courage!

Hmm probably we should have something written in black and white like the Singapore Laws for Weddings so that people can refer and say what is the right thing or wrong thing with regards to certain things. The ambiguity is certainly not a good thing.