After reading the above book, "Journey through Genius" by William Dunham i realised that when i was studying as a kid, i took a lot of stuff at face value esp math.

I mean how many of us knows how to prove that the sum of the angles in a triangle is 180? or the how important was the Pythagoras theorem and how to prove it. Probably that why most kids in singapore dont really like math that much is that they just see it as some weird formula that they are made to remember and remember the type of questions are that use it. A lot of the how and why is lost.

"Journey through Genius" takes us on a tour of the more important theorems in math, and even though i have only finished the first two chapters, I find the readings easy and the theorems selected are easy to understand by those with at least a secondary school education.

I only wonder at what point in the book will my aging brain be unable to understand what was written...