Came across this blog, GMT+9 while surfing around and saw his entry on how he found his old casio watch in his drawer.

I think most of us when we were young owned a casio watch at one time or another, i think even for many of us now we are probably wearing a Casio G-Shock as our daily watch or have one lying around somewhere.

I still remember my first casio watch, it was a small thin black caiso watch (come to think of it, it seems more like a ladies watch) with no water resist capbabilities what so ever. It was gone when i tried to see how water unresist it was by dropping it in to a pail of water.

My second one was a Casio Databank, u know those watches where you can save your friends telephone numbers, mine was one without the key pads so i gotta use the left and right buttons to input the number manually.

My third one was one of those illuminator models, round sports watch which survive pass my army time.

My lastest one is a blue G-Shock which my girl friend (Wife to be gave me)

I sort of remember that in my dads room there was an old casio lcd watch lying around so here it is, Model B613W with date and time, water resist and thats abt it.

Could find much info on it, the closest i can find was a Model B612W here. And it seems like the collectbility is quite low but who cares ! This watch seems to be going strong