Legs mostly aching now as i wrote this, why u may ask because i ran in the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon !. Haha nope i not so garang that i ran the whoel 42km, i only run in th 10km section haha me puny weakling! Okies next time i try do better lah.

But its quite a high running in such a event with so many people running with u trying to complete not matter what the timing is, u'll see all sorts of people, old and young, daddy's pushing their baby's pram as they run, people putting their childs picture on the back of their shirts and i even saw a cat women and spider man running too.

Anyway did the 10km in abt 1h 09min not any fantastic timing (haha fantastic if u consider that i mostly ran 4km for training). But this run has made me want to do other runs (Mizuno, NB Real Run ..)in order to better my timing for 10km, maybe someday i will run the marathon (people laughing in the background).

But must really hand it to the organizers for putting toilets every 1 to 2km or so and the people who supported the runners all the way by shouting encouring words and making noise with their clappers and what not.

So anyone wants to put on their running shoes and join me ?