First Post of 2007, what should i talk about?

Well i had a great start to the year, i was over in Hong Kong from the 29th Dec to 2 Jan. Definately the weather was sooooo much better, walking around in tempreatures of 15C to 20C with no rain around definately much better than Singapore's rainy weather. And to top that off my gf gave me a surprise on the plane to HK.

Disneyland was great! U really feel like u are transported to another realm the moment u step it. Sounds of "Someday my prince will come" (Haha is that correct?) greeted us when we step off the train. The place was fantastic, for those that will be going there all should try the "SPACE MOUNTAIN" ride! Its a indoor roller coaster in the dark. Imagine u can't see where u are going so u never know what u are going to expect. And the interior lighting was great the moment u go up u see a ceiling of stars and lights flashing all throughout the ride. Definately must try try !!

Well thats all for my first post of the year.