Food for thought... Today attended a workshop titled "Systems Thinking", for all of u guys (and gals included) can check out then entry in wikipedia where it gives an overview.

The thing that got me thinking about was whether what we are doing now (or have done) is perhaps the best way to go about solving our own or perhaps work problems? Have we really reflect on what is the actual issue or are we having a knee jerk reaction to what's going on.

Haha bit chim right! Maybe just to give an example, if many people are leaving the education service give more pay to keep them. If child not paying attention in class, blame the child (or parents or ...), or if see many crockroaches, take out bygon and kill them and if still see somemore still take out bygon and kill them. If tooth ache, go dentist for filling/ pull out tooth.

Morale of the story,

  1. Teachers may be leaving not because of lower pay but becuase instead of teaching they are perhaps doing more admin work? And therefore they are disllusioned.
  2. Crockroaches appearing more often might mean an infestation, perhaps better to find out where they are coming from and kill at the source.
  3. If it is a toothache, perhaps u didn't brush properly in the begining so if u go for a filling/pull out, it might still happen to another tooth
Don't just give a knee jerk/quick fix to the problem when it might come back and haunt u. Even if u can't really solve the problem at the very source, but u can still make a change however small at where u can influence.

Just some food for thought...