Went for the first show of the Singapore Fireworks Festival by the team from Portugal... Every one thought that the fireworks would be like the National Day Preview ones and all setup camp at the Esplanade but little do they know that the actual place where they actually fired is just at the Carnival @ Marina site just behind the stage (or commonly known as the kite flying place). Alamak only when the first shots were fired then we know that our place was just damn wrong (We camp somewhere near the second stage), we had this area just at the side of just fenced up as its under construction. Everybody scrambled up so high points and try to "grow" taller in order to capture the fireworks.

And thus after the lesson from the first show so now we were ready for the 2nd show at midnight, this time we setup near the flyover at marina promenade park, but alas it was also not meant to be there were trees blocking the scene!

That is when we realise that the firing point was not actually at Marina Bay (As what the news said) but rather at Marina East.

So the next trip the actual National Day Fireworks!