National Day has never been so tiring for me... When we (My sunday morning breakfast group) set off little did we realise the amount of people waiting for us at City Hall, first indication was at the Dobby Gaut interchange where we had to wait fo a second train before we could find a space a squeeze in.

Then over at City Hall, the amount of people was stupendous, they were like ants everywhere, there was trouble walking out on the street, walking in City Link mall and so on. It was just pire trouble just trying to go to the Marina Promeande park to shoot ! We took a route that took us to shaw tower where there was an overhead bridge and then cross over to Suntec then followed by a cross over to Marina Square to Ritz Carlton then walked over to the park.

All in all it was a tiring experience especially since we had to walk fast in order to make sure we got there early, going back was more or less the same way as the police basically blocked off City Link mall due to the number of people in it already.

Well at last time for the fireworks, the fireworks were nice but its was a pity that the fire works went off at both the Padang side and Marina East side so i was unable to capture both scene. I only managed to get the Padang side one as the background was better.

One more to go !