My first black and white panoramic ! Basically went to the padang took about 5 shots with my CV 21mm lens. Run it through hugin and enblend and voila ! Panoramic shot!

These are 2 great opensource tools for doing panoramics. hugin basically is a gui for panotools while enblend is a software to blend in all the edges after stiching them together.

The use is simple for hugin just follow the tabs on the top and under Control Points remember to select at least 3 points from image to image and under Sticher select "Multiple Tiff" under the Output File Options.

Then copy all the output files to the folder containing enblend (Although hugin has a option to use enblend but i didn't get it to work), type enblend -o "output file name" "hugin files". For the "hugin files" part type in all the filename in sequence from left to right (Ur output might not be in sequence if u did not put ur files in hugin in the correct sequence).

Sit back and wait !!! Can't wait to do my next panorama !

Padang NDP
VC 21mm F8@1/125