Firstly ordered some leather covering for my fed 2 (the original coming out liao) from camera leather (I got the seal green leatherette); follwed by a trip down to the esplanade to scout out some places to take the coming Singapore Fire Works Festival.

Well walked around and found out that the roof terence will not be avalible through all the days of the fireworks festival, only the 8th it will be opened(It's a midnight show that day probably they don't expect too many people). Most likely will be setting up camera somewhere near the waterfront.

Walked around trying out my fed 2 with Tmax 400 loaded inside. Intending to try Rodinal with it. Developed my Bessa R roll with Tri-X @ 400 @ 12 min. Negatives looked good, think i hit upon the holy timing liao haha, will stick with this timing liao.

Only sad thing is that i don't know why my first few frames got scratches leh, and somemore these are the frames i took for one my personal project (haha intending to get pictures of all my ship crew). Must seriously find out why,(look below for sample), suspect could be the reel or the squgee but it only happens to the first few frames.

Finally found a Jobo tank off E-bay, i immediately click on BIN (Buy it now). All in all only about S$50. Hoping to get it soon and see whether it is as good as they say. A bit sick of the AP reels liao.

My Ops O
CV 35mm *prob F2 1/30s*