What a day! First up, the RFF Singapore gathering that was held at Terence's house. It was nice to meet all the RF lovers in singapore. Although there was only 5 of us but when we talked and discuss about our passion (RF, Photography) time really flies. And the chance to look at Terence's treasures really was an eye opener. Hmm maybe next time we should work towards a RFF Singapore project? The whole things lasted longer than i expected (Roughly 3:30 to abt 7:30), was actually thinking of going down to the Esplanade earlier for some shooting.

However although it was late still went down anyway was intending to use my VC 21mm to capture fireworks using Tmax @ 1600 just to try out. Whao i reached there just 10mins before the fireworks were due and quickly found a place to stand. Many of them were holding camera phones and standing there in wait.

Haha i was probably the only one holding a rangefinder there though, many were using the video function to capture the fireworks. Basically i thought setting the max aperture at F4 and probably 1/15 would be a good guess for exposure. So i just stood there snapping away.

Developing was the big problem though, the stupid film and the AP developing reels were impossible! The film goes in half way and jam thus causing me no end of trouble! Finally after many tries the film went in fully and i went about developing. (Reminder to myself ! Buy JOBO tanks, many claimed that it is much easier to use).

Finally developed and dry and guess what next! Apprently from the constant taking in and out of the reels there were scratches and what have u on the negatives ! That does it really gotta find some better reels to use liao !

The negatives were mainly too contastly to scan properly and i think that Tmax doesn;t push too well. Below my favourite of the lot.

People taking video of fireworkds at NDP Preview
.VC 21mm F4 @ 1/15s