Well been meaning to post during the last few days but was just simply feeling lazy haha.

Anyway got something new in the mail 2 days ago! It was my Fed 2 with a Industar 61 lens the only problem was that the film spool was too small to fit in a normal 35mm film ! Well how do i know, i tried loading a roll and when i started winding it in the edges went all crumply (What a waste of good Tri-x :( ). Write back to the seller and he was willing to sent a new film spool.

Haha now would be a good time to get a collapsible Industar 22/50 to make it truly portable.

Well on the not so good side of life, my mum needs to do an operation on her spine cause she has been feeling numbness in her legs for some time after she had her ovaries remove due to cancer and the doctor can only promise a success rate of 70%. The only thing i can do now is to pray to God that all will be well and put our trust in him.

Well this guy seem more interested in other girls!
Bessa R, Potra 400VC, CV 75mm F2.5