Finally developed my first roll of Tri-X (containing pictures from the esplanade trip and botanical garden trip over the weekend) in Rodinal and i was happy with it, the negatives looked good and the scans are sharp even with my lousy Epson 1660 scanner. Think i would experiment with this film somemore, somehow the negatives that came out looked alot better than my previous HP5+ and Tmax 400.

The trip over the weekend did teach me something, is that it is not easy to be a street photographer(I know many people have said that too), most of the time it's because i was too shy to simply step up, move forward and sieze the moment. Thus it is always a joy and a sense of amazement to see photos by HCB and other greats and simply wonder how they did it.

"In photography, creation is a quick business — an instant, a gush, a response — putting the camera up to the eye's line of fire, snatching with that economical little box whatever it was that surprised you, catching it in midair, without tricks, without letting it get away. You make a painting at the same time that you take a photo."

Henri Cartier-Bresson

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Cheese ! Canon L-2 with VC 35mm f1.7