Wa today woke up damn early to go to the botanical gardens today... somemore my one and only bermudas was "dead" liao so no choice wore jeans. Weather in singapore isn't very good these few months due to the monsoon and the sumatras. So it was a wet and humid morning (just rained), not helped that i was wearing a pair of jeans.

Anyway took my trusty D70 with a Tamron 70-300mm, AFS 18-70 kit lens and a Tamron 100mm Macro with a Canon L-2 Rangefinder with CV 50mm F2.5 and 35mm F1.7.

The most interesting thing that i saw was basically the ducks, i wasn't too interested in macro or flower photography (did that the previous time that i was there) and was just looking around for something new to photograph. The ducks were probably the most active bunch out there thus it was fun looking at them splashing around (but damn hard to focus and get a good shot).

And there comes to what i consider the most interesting photo of today. Basically the ducks after finshing their "morning exercise" decided to take a rest on this arrow signboard in the lake. Half of them were facing the signboard direction and half facing the other side as if deciding where to go.Posted by Picasa

Which Way !?!?! D70 with Tamron 70-300