Well if you wonder why this site wasn't updated for sometime, it's because i went to Australia for some R&R. There are a few firsts for this trip.

It's the first time I..
Bought a camera at a duty free because my Ricoh decided to die on me when i reach the Airport
Been to Australia
Ride on Singapore Airlines Ride on the A380
Using my new luggage because my old luggage was missing one key and i refuse to go on a trip with only one luggage key
Rent a car and drove around and many more ...

 The first stop was Sydney. The place we stayed was the Pensione Hotel on George Street, quite a small boutique hotel located quite close to Chinatown. My wife opted for the petite room and this is how small our room looked. To be fair, her friend's room was larger, our room is just "petite". And the window over there looked to a air well and on the other side was another room's window, so not much of a view.

Since Australian shops typically closed early we set off for Paddy's market near our hotel. Paddy's Market is looks something like the Army market in Beach room, lots of small stalls but in a bigger place, they sell every thing from nuts, vegetables, clothes, souvenirs, wigs to remote control helicopters.

A lot of the stalls are run by Asians, lots of Chinese mostly since this is Chinatown, i also saw some Korean stall owners too.


There are quite a few wigs and hair extensions shops here at Paddy's, seems like the trend.

Next we headed to another part of Chinatown which was more Chinese. There is a night market every friday night here, i see lots of different food being sold from bak kua (Chinese BBQ meat) which was quite expensive at $4 per piece, takoyaki, pan cakes, fishballs.

Emperor Cream Puff - Lots of people queueing for this, the best way to describe it would be like fried cream puffs.

Every corner of Chinatown have these Chinese gates with different inscriptions.

Hong Kong's "yu tan" or just spicy fish balls

Tako Yaki anyone? 
There are also a lot of Chinese restaurants here, things like Wanton mee, hot pot can also be found. Just don't expect Singapore prices and portions. The portions are generally big and can cost something like $10 SGD for a bowl of Wanton mee (and that is during their late night promotion).

Kuo Min Tang HQ in Australia?