Some funny incidents when Chloe is undergoing toilet training.

Chloe: I am going to wash backside liaoz
Me: Huh ? (Check backside, at first see nothing, then some thing long came out)
Me: Next time must give daddy more notice ah

Chloe: (While coloring at the dinner table) Daddy I wan to pee.
Me: ok
Chloe pees all over even before i got time to go get one

Chloe and Me seating on the sofa. Suddenly i felt something hot on my legs.
Me: Aiya pee on the sofa liaoz
Me: Next time must give daddy notice ah

Chloe sleeping with diapers on with my mum-in-law
Chloe tugs my mum-in-law, "Want shee shee"
MIL: It's ok you are wearing diapers
Chloe can't get back to sleep, flips around and turn and tries to sleep on the front.
Chloe tugs MIL again, "Want shee shee"
MIL: ok ok (takes potty and opens diapers, sees that Chloe pooed), Whao poo poo ah
Chloe nods sits on potty and pees

Apparently she don't like to pee in a dirty diaper