Anyone has a instant film camera now? You know they type where you take a picture and it spits out s picture that takes a few minutes to mangically appear? Very tempting to try haha, although think people will say ? Huh why can print from digital camera what, how to share the photos also. Cannot upload leh.

  But for me taking pictures with a less capable camera can be fun ! Just point and shoot, most of these cameras has focusing from about 1m to infinity so just point and shoot, no need to wait for the camera to focus, small screen? no more problem, u get a decent size photo, no need to rush to Harvey Norman or a photo shop to get a print (Yeah i know people out there will say what if need multiple copies, haha take more lah). Need to annotate? Just write on the border! Thats why i think the alternative photography guys have fun, as LOMOGRAPHY will say "Shoot from the hip"

 Been seeing a lot of people selling these second hand on, range from 80 to about 250. Cheap enough for people to try, the only problem is the film, polaroid stopped making the film for some time but now they seemed to have relaunched the film under the impossible project, they are abit expensive, think saw it about 40$ at I think its 10 exposures so that makes it 4$ an exposure. The interesting thing is that they have a B&W film too! Interested to try but abit ex.


  Fuji has a camera called the instax, they have a 210 which takes big pictures and a mini version that takes sort of like credit card size pictures. Quite popular now, film also not that ex think 17$ to 20$ for the 210. That makes it almost half the price of the polaroid.

  Next is shall i get one? Probably not... I have enough cameras as it is haha i lost count, maybe i should do a post on that sometimes. And frankly I have not been shooting much since Chloe came, mostly shots of her using my DSLR, but now doing shots of her in TriX and HP5, hoping to print them out in the SAFRA darkroom sometime. Haha yeah I still like doing things the old way, its more magical