OK I am probably old with the news but FUJI is going to launch a new camera - the FUJI X100, its going to be a APS-C size sensor with a 23mm F2 lens (about 355 equivalent). Yes for all you 90% of the world's population, a camera with no ZOOM !. It looks like a direct competitor the Leica X1, Hopefully the price tag its going to be more reasonable then the Leica.

The cool thing is that it has some sort of a hybrid viewfinder that is optical yet at the same time digital information like shutter and all sorts of nice stuff that you get from modern cameras are superimpose in the viewfinder. This probably is the way forward in terms of viewfinder design for rangefinders.

The rumored release date is Mar 2011 and the rumored price is USD1000.

On a personal note, I will probably want to try out this camera, I know it dosen't have zoom (that probably makes 90% of the worlds population scratch their head, got camera no zoom one meh ? and so ex some more). Anyway i usually shoot with a 50mm equiv on my DSLR and a 35mm or 50mm on my rangefinder.

But for now no money for a new camera cause with my new house reno and all my wife will probably kill me if i start lusting over such things. Arghh need some TOTO or 4D luck...