Singapore celebrated her 45th birthday yesterday, but I felt like I was 80, here's why..

Chloe waked up as usual (early in the morning), so being the only other living being that was awake I attended to the princess. Carried her around, then don;t know why my back starts hurting. By the time I was out with my wife and her friends I was really feeling uncomfortable, by the afternoon. I was walking like an old man, back slight arched.

Walking was abit difficult, sometimes a sharp pain would run up my back if I walk abit too fast or tense up abit, by the time I went back to my in laws, I was sitting down most of the time and not moving around too much.

Chloe didn't get carried by her dad too much yesterday.

Anyway after a night's sleep, all seems to be better now, back not hurting, can feel abit sore when i move around too much, I can stand up straight, walking seems ok, and I went to work. But I am taking things easy for now, maybe by not carrying any load or even (gasp) Chloe for today.

Now I understand what old people who has back problems are going through. For those who have kids, no make that for those who have a back take care of your back ah!