Chloe is 10 months liao ! Soon she will be one !

She can now stand up without holding anything without realizing I think, usually she seems to be engrossed in holding and playing with something. But aiya the camera was never around when she do that.

Recently on Monday we went down to Changi Airport T3, there was this YOG kind of booth for kids, there was this inflatable castle kind of thing there with a small slide, wifey and I was thinking if she would know how to play anot. So we put her inside, soon she was bouncing around inside. Think she enjoyed the bouncing feeling hehe.

Then we try to slide her down the slide, we weere still wondering if she will enjoyed it. Turns out that she enjoyed it lor, when we put her on top she can't wait to shake and move down the slide.

It was quite tiring carrying her putting her at the top, then slide down and doing it all over again. After a few rounds we decided it was enough, she started crying, and her hand keep stretching towards the slide.