Chloe achieved a major milestone hehe she now can crawl, not very fast and easily distracted by things around her and she can also sit upright by herself!

Ah but she now very nian (sticky) to my mum in law, yesterday my mum in law just walk away for a while and she look like she is going to cry.

Somehow felt abit sad cause she not nian to me and my wife, cause we are both working and my mum in law is the main care giver. So she likes her grandma more.

Angry that her daddy is taking pictures of her while she is asleep.

Haha the only time i have all my time with her is during the weekends when she wake up, she wakes up quite early about 7-8am, where I would drag myself up and attend to her, so that my wife can sleep in abit more.

Sleeping with piglet

It's amazing how fast she grow though can't imagine just 8 months ago she was small and tiny and all she do is sleep. Now she is so active, she now takes half hour naps perhaps 2-3 times a day and the rest of the time she is just moving, crawling, grabbing stuff (she likes paper a lot, much more than the toys we get for her). Haha sometimes I wonder where she gets all that energy from

Yeah ! I am crawling !