Yeah i got a car ! Why a car, well mainly to move my family around, I've seen how difficult it can to move kids around using public transport and the also when I move house may need to drop off/fetch chloe to and fro so a car is a convenience. Haha also next time go zoo and birdpark also easier.

My road to buying a car wasn't so smooth. At first wanted to buy a new one, after chinese new year went down to get an Avante thought the COE will dip after Chinese new year, but suay, soon after i order, the COE keep climbing like crazy cannot get COE so decided to forgo, then the gah men new COE scheme was announced, wa worse COE really jumped. If COE can be traded like shares every one who bought LTA shares would make big money.

Anyway don't think can get COE for new car under such circumstances so looked around in the second hand market for one. Requirements are simple, sedan (with nice big boot for pram), big enough to sit 4 - 5 adults and OPC. Found a 3 year 9mth plus Lancer GLX, Black condition quite nice, price ok about 23k, but my insurance ex about 1.9k cause i have zero No Claim Bonus.

Took delivery of the car on Friday, drove around abit (haha longest drive was from the car dealer to my house). Probably will pump esso since there is one near my house and also Citibank got some great discount with it.