I have been thinking of getting a book stand for reading books, cause holding the book up quite tiring especially when reading thick and sometimes really boring computer books.

You probably think that in Singapore it would be easy to find such a thing right? Just go to a stationary shop and ask ask can liao, right? Unfortunately not so easy leh, what they have are mostly copy holders, the kind use to clip a piece of paper on the table,computer monitor so that you can read and type at the same time.

Walk around and I saw some kind of portable book stand at Page One Vivo city, cost about 43 dollars, too Ex in my opinion. Saw in Today that Evergeen stationary also sells one but all the Evergreen bookshops are quite out of the way for me. It looks nice, made of wood with little spring clips to keep the pages in place.

I was in Funan a few days ago and i went to the 2nd level book shop to try my luck. Saw the only book stand hanging at the computer accessories section, cost 13.90. Picture from the website is below.

Made by a company called AiData (Linked to the product page). The specs says that it can put a 4cm think book on it, there is a plastic bar behind that you can raise it to support really big books. You can adjust the angle of the stand to what you like. You can see that it can also be used as a 4r photo frame if you so desire, although i think that is one ugly photo frame.

Now i can read comfortably from my desk! It works out so far for me. Try it out if you are looking for a book stand.