The main reason I signed up for these classes (and I guess many other parents to be also) is because I have no idea how to take care of a baby. I guess most people would have held a baby before, For me in my 30 years, I have never held one.So imagine the horror (ok a mixture of joy and horror) when I was about to become a father. I knew nothing about babies except that they cry (a lot) when they are hungry. I have never seen poo other then my own (and the occasional one in the toilet where the previous idiot didn't flush). And hence the antenatal lessons, to learn how to properly take care of a baby.

We learn how to hold, burp, wash, change diapers and even how to fold nappies.

Some things I learn.
  • Be well prepared, make sure all the things are around.
  • Baby bath solution usually no need for rinse, just clean and dry.
  • When cleaning the head, you don't really need to take out the diapers, cause the baby can do it's business while you are cleaning the head. But how will you know if the baby peed in the bath water?
  • Be careful when you burp the baby on your shoulder, some not so nice things might just run down the back.
  • Burp before and after the feeds.
  • How to change the baby from one hand to another. (Important for mums)
  • Babies cry when they are hungry, wet, uncomfortable or lack of attention.
The only thing we didn't do is how to clean the nappies when they are dirty. That would be an interesting lesson.