Many people panned this movie, most gave it a one star so, Rotten tomatoes gave it a 21%, the local newspapers were somewhat mixed (I guess about 50-50). Most of the complaints were mostly about the camera work, story and overall pace of the movie.

So what about me? First off when I read/watch movie reviews I give it a pinch of salt. Everyone is different, some like to read a lot into the movie, like the movie is some kind of literature text where some can write a whole thesis on the characters and the plot, some like to think about the camera angles, the sets. Most of the movie reviews that I watch, (think channel news asia), are mostly wrong in my opinion. The movies that are given 5 stars are not necessary good (think one of my colleague who went to watch a 5 star movie got sick at the shaky camera work).

So what's my thought on Transformers? The fighting was messy, wish I can see more of the fighting clearly but come to think of it fighting is suppose to be messy, loved the part where Optimus Prime sprout some one liners when he is fighting, like the one where he kill off the Fallen, "I RISE, YOU FALL" (My sms alert sound?).

Lots of mindless action, don't think too much just enjoy the fight. If you want to be intellectually stimulated, nope not the movie for you. Liked the way BumbleBee pull apart Ravage (the dog like deception) and tore the arms off the other one that was in the same fight. You get to see F16s, F18s, Aircraft carriers, tanks, destroyers (an Arleigh Burke class i believe).

Had a nice soundtrack from Linkin Park and Green Day.

We got a look at the Matrix again, last seen in the cartoon version of Transformers the Movie. (Prime died in that one too, the new matrix looked quite similar to the old one).

There were some funny moments, funny is always good.

So for me, I liked the movie, I enjoy watch the Autobots fight the Decepticons (again), it adds abit to the Transformers story and what the pyramids are for (besides storing dead bodies). It showed some "classified" technology,The US Navy (from what i read on the web) is developing the Rail gun that was featured on the destroyer, now we know what its for...

Its for kicking Decepticon ass.

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