The gang.

Attended Remix at Microsoft's Auditorium yesterday. The first thing i liked about their offices was the great view, It overlooked the esplanade and the floating platform. Wonder if the staff go to work on National Day to catch the fireworks.

View from Microsoft's offices.

Micosoft showed a bunch of cool demos showing what Silverlight can do and coupled with Expression Blend you can cut down some time doing the fancy stuff. I like the way Silverlight decouples the presentation (the nice stuff) from the code (the geek part). Hopefully they will post the links to the videos and demos so that I can put them here.

They also talk about Azure or "An Chua" (Hokkien), the MS cloud platform, interesting but no idea what app to use for it.

Important thing, Students go check out Dream Spark for some free software from MS they have a nice bunch of stuff like VS2008 Professional, Windows Server 2008, Expression Studio and so on. For startups who are developing software go checkout Biz Spark.

Went for an one hour hands on lab on Silverlight, it was mostly done using Expression Blend (don't know if it was 2 or 3 beta), it was abit too short, couldn't really do too much. Did some simple linking of pages and animation but that was about it. Originally they planned to have one run about 3 hours long. Guess too many people signed up for it so they shorten it to one hour and run it 3 times. Anyway check out Silverlight.net for more tutorials.


Some interesting Sign Boards

Goodies from the event.

Got a bunch of CDs (Visual Studio Express, Expression v1, Windows 7 RC). Got a book during the question and answer part, Introducing Silverlight 2, which will soon be obsolete given that Silverlight 3 is coming soon.