I always have a thought about Labour day, specifically why call it Labour day when you are not suppose to do any "Labour", so is it to celebrate the work instead of the worker? It's "Labour" day at least over 250 days in a year, so almost every day is Labour day to me. I always think that It should be called No Labour day, where we all don't do anyway work. But that is wrong too right ? Cause there are many people who are working like Taxi Drivers, Mac staff, departmental store staff, all who are working on Labour day. So No Labour day is out.

I personally think the best name would be "Labourer's" day, much like Children's Day, Mother's Day and Father's Day. To celebrate the workers not the work.

Anyway for me Labour day is Labour day, I was doing work.. house work in the morning, vacuuming and mopping the floor so that I can enjoy my weekend.

So to all those who not Labouring on Labourer's day, enjoy ur day. For those who are working, hope you get a rest soon, remember that the world would probably stop turning without you guys/gals working today !