Over the past few days, I made my self a grid for my camera flash, what does it do ? Basically a grid is a light modifier makes the light go in one direction only, so that you can control exactly where the light goes.

Found a few sites that show how to do it yourself and where you can buy one if you are to lazy to make one. I will list them at the end of the post.

I got all of my stuff from Daiso and Popular here in Singapore.

What you will need.

  1. Coroplast - Corugated plastic sheets, you know the kind that people make signs from, SGD 1.60 for a big sheet from Popular.
  2. Uhu glue
  3. Velcro - Got from DAISO SGD 2 Dollars
  4. Tape - I used black gaffer tape so that it looks more "pro". Anything that is in black is pro :)
  5. Cutting mat
  6. Cutter
  7. Ruler

Snoot 1

Measure the width of your flash and cut the plastic in one inch increments.


Results after cutting the strips.


Align the strips and stick them together using Uhu or any other glue that sticks plastic together really well.


I use gaffer tape to tape all round, then I cut out two strips of velcro and tape them to the grid so i can fasten them to my flash using a speed strap. (Some later post i will talk about how you can make cheap speed straps for about SGD 2 plus each)


Test shot without the grid.


Test shot using the grid.

self portrait

My ugly self portrait using my homemade Grid, should have worn a nicer top haha.

HonlPhoto grid - If you have money go buy this.

Instructables.com has an article on how you can make your own grids. I basically copy it from here. The only difference is that instead of using black foam, i used velcro like the one from HonlPhoto.