Yeap that's right that's what I have trying to learn, the Harmonica. Or more specifically I have been trying to learn a diatonic harmonica.

I have always wanted to learn the piano since young, but unfortunately my grades weren't too good and so my parents didn't allow me to learn. During secondary school, I think it was towards the end of it. I watched a teacher playing the harmonica on stage and that me interested in it. So when I went to my 3 month JC after my 'O' levels, I signed up for the harmonica club, but then because of the timing (I think i had a big break before the club activities in the afternoon) so I didn't turn up for the training.

Fast forward to now almost abt 10+ years, I figure why not make learning the harmonica my new year's goal. So i began googling around for some courses in Singapore to learn (not much, think I only found 2) and where to buy, not much also I went to Yamaha and they have a limited selection. I found a book Harmonica for Dummies, that seem to have great reviews so I bought the book, I found a great guy who sells harmonica's near my house (yes, he sells harmonicas from his house, apparently he is a distributor who supplies to Yamaha also, I'll put his contact at the end of the post). I bought a Suzuki Harpmaster (yes Suzuki but not the car manufacturer), for 30 SGD from him.

Been using youtube and google to look for techniques to note down and learn.

So what can i do now? Well for about 3 Saturday's of practices, I can more or less play Mary had a little lamb more or less correctly and can do a bit of simple slow train chugging (Not at the speed the guy in the video is doing) at this point :)

Here's the contact for the harmonica seller.

phone: 65 98168148